What We Do

SMME Collectives

People are stronger together than they are on their own, and the same applies to small businesses. Uplyft applies this principle by organising small businesses into SMME Collectives and then partnering them with established corporates to achieve the economies of scale required to access profitable markets, funding and supply chains.

SMME Collectives, modelled on farming co-operatives, reduce business risk for SMME members by providing full support on funding, infrastructure, training, enabling services, enabling technology and step change; thus 360° enablement. This allows SMMEs to focus on their core business (e.g. growing crops) with the SMME Collectives using their economies of scale to secure offtake agreements, affordable inputs etc. Uplyft will enable both SMME Collectives, and, where required, their SMMEs.


Services Provided to SMME Members by SMME Collective

As an example of an SMME Collective, an Agri SMME Collective provides its SMME farmers with an enabling environment that lowers their risk profile. This ecosystem includes offtake agreements, low-cost inputs, scientific farming methods, training, expert advice & supplementary services. Member farmers focus on producing commercial-grade & commercial-yield crops, operating within an enabling ecosystem that positions them for overall success. The SMME collective thus provides 360° enablement for its SMMEs that lower their risk profile and moves them towards bankability.

What We Do

What Makes Uplyft Different

Uplyft is laser-focused on building highly effective SMME Collectives that reduce the risk profiles of SMMEs through uncompromisingly holistic 360-degree empowerment, using proven SMME business models, operating within a commercially sustainable SMME enablement ecosystem.  This will be a first for South Africa. This singular focus supported by the powerful networks and deeps skills of the Uplyft board members, committee members, partners and service providers has the potential to make a real, structural improvement to the South African economy.

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