Delivery Partners

Uplyft is proud to partner with the following companies that bring our projects to life.


Agriqua, a subsidiary of GWK, is a vehicle for agricultural transformation to develop emerging farmers and secure food supply in South Africa.

The Taung Co-operative Commercialisation Project develops rural irrigation farmers in Taung, North West, and has benefited over 74 farmers to date.

Since inception, each crop cycle has achieved profitability.


Humansdorp Co-op

Die Humansdorpse Landbou Koöperasie, trading as The Co-op, is a leading agricultural business based in South Africa.

The Co-op employs expert technical staff, including a veterinarian, agronomists,
agricultural economists and irrigation technicians. These expert services are made available to emerging farmers to enhance the production capacity of their businesses.

The Co-op, through its 74 current projects, has created 1,384 permanent jobs, with 13,020 individuals directly benefitting.


Sernick, founded in 1982, is a diversified organisation with a focus on agriculture and agricultural processing activities, including a Bonsmara stud, animal feed production, feedlot, red meat production (abattoir, de-boning and processing) as well as retail outlets.

Sernick’s Developing Farmers Programme, in partnership with the Jobs Fund, leveraged R503 million to develop 660 farmers in the Free State. The Programme created 1,200 additional permanent jobs.

iLima Digital Foundary

iLima Digital Foundary’s unique AI-driven Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) matches all stakeholders across the building lifecycle of affordable housing projects. An innovation that will significantly reduce risk, cost, time and greatly increase quality, sustainability and transparency.

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