Our Mission

To uplift communities and accelerate emerging market growth by establishing, empowering, and growing SMME Collectives as vehicles to overcome systemic barriers to SMME growth, sustainability, and bankability

Our Vision

To create stable and sustainable enterprise opportunities in the target sectors through creating or strengthening existing SMME Collectives, which in turn provide enabling resources and services to the SMMEs.

Our Story

Uplyft started in June 2020 as an initiative to understand and address the economic havoc caused by COVID-19. The initiative launched a survey completed by over 2,000 businesses, with the results being featured by 33 media houses, resulting in an earned media value of R20.6 million.

Subsequent surveys have included input from 6,712 businesses; and have underlined the opportunity for SMMEs to leverage (out of their difficult circumstances) by mirroring the risk profile of corporate counterparts.


SMME Collective Example: Taung Co-Op

A SMME Collective is a business which partners SMMEs with massive corporates. For example, the Taung-Co-Op is an SMME Collective which partnered emerging farmers from the Taung area and Agriqua, a wholly owned subsidiary of agriculture corporate GWK. The Taung Co-Op, which has profitably operated since 2019, provide the member farmers with access to credit, bulk input prices, off-take agreements, training, mentoring, precision farming and scientific crop cycle planning.

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 11 783 3341

Email: info@uplyft.co.za

108 Elizabeth Avenue

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